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Support St Joseph Elderly Day Center

St JosephHere’s a call to all family, friends, neighbors, cousins, well wishers of St Joseph, Dominica.
I’ve started on a journey to assist our beloved village. The elders now and past have paved the way for us to enjoy a better way of life. It is our duty to give them our outmost support. A Day Center have been established to accommodate the elders on a weekly basis. Warm food and fellowship is offered there. The facility is in need of a good facelift and good furniture to make it more comfortable for the Senior Citizens.
I am calling on one and all to play a part in this venture. I have established a fund where you can be a part of this endeavor. To start we would like to raise $3500 US dollars. Thank you in advance for your support.
Here is the link to make your donation:

For St. Joseph's Senior Citizens